About Us

Swan Valley School District Information

Welcome to the Swan Valley Elementary School. We are located in Irwin, 45 miles east of Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho. Our district has one elementary school, with a student count of about 75 in grades Pre-K thru 8. High school students are bused to Ririe High School. We have four teachers who teach in multiple grade classrooms.

Because of our small student count, our staff-to-student ratio is very unique and allows for individualized teaching. Also, because of the richness and abundance of natural wildlife and resources in our area, our students experience opportunities such as skiing, watching the wild salmon run, and naturalist type field trips. We also have a strong art and music program as part of our curriculum.

Students have access to a variety of technology, each student has their own iPad, and teaching is enhanced with the use of Apple TV's, smart boards, and a large variety of educational apps. We are very proud to be a state-of-the-art technology school!

We proudly present a Missoula Children's Theatre© production each spring, sponsored by either the P.T.O or the Swan Valley School. Our strong P.T.O. also sponsors a 5K Square Scoot Fun Run, a Halloween Carnival each October, and supports our Ski School Program at Grand Targhee each winter.

It is important to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with parents. In an effort to improve our school communications, District 92 uses Txtwire, which will send text messages about upcoming events, school closures and emergencies. To receive text messages, please text "swan" to 91011. Send any questions you may have to us.

For the 2021-22 school lunches will be provide free of charge for all Swan Valley School students. Please view this Public Release from SDE.